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Dia25MM Classic 1K RFID Coin Tag with 3M Adhesive

Dia25MM Classic 1K RFID Coin Tag with 3M Adhesive

  • Product Code: Hard RFID Tag-0008

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Tags: dia25mm, classic, rfid, coin, tag, with, adhesive, hard


Item: Classic 1K RFID Coin Tag



Chip: S50

Memory:1k Byte

Craft:Blank with 3M Adhesive

Available Artwork:

Customize Shape ,Customize Logo  ,Data Encoding  ,Hole Punching etc

Available chip:

LF: TK4100, EM4200, EM4305, T5577 etc.

HF: ISO14443A--NTAG213/215/216, MF 1K S50/4K S70, FM11RF08, MF DESfire EV1 2K/4K/8K, TOPAZ512, MF Ultralight/Ultralight C, MF Plus S/X(2K&4K) etc.
     ISO15693---I Code SLI/ I Code SLI-X/ I Code SLI-S/ Ti2048

UHF:Alien H3 ,Moza

Available Size:

18*45mm/ 30*45mm/ 27*55mm/ 18*68mm/ 22*64mm/ 25*68mm/ 25*50mm/ 30*40mm/ 38*58mm/ 54*68mm/

/25*35mm/ 25*40mm/ 26*42mm/ 22*45mm/ 26*70mm/ 33*85mm  etc

Round Size:
Dia13mm/ 18mm/ 20mm/ 25mm/ 28mm/ 30mm/ 33mm/ 35mm/ 40mm etc

Square Size:
25*25mm/ 35*35mm etc