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13.56MHZ MF PLUS 4K Contactless RFID Cards

13.56MHZ MF PLUS  4K Contactless RFID Cards
  • Product Code: HF RFID Card-019
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Tags: RFID Card, RFID Tag, RFID Wristband, RFID Inlay

MI-FARE Plus brings increased security to end-user solution providers together with a seamless upgrade of existing infrastructure

and services with low cost procedures.

This new MI-FARE product is supported by card and reader manufacturers and solution developers,

and is the only MI-FARE Classic-compatible mainstream smart card IC featuring pre-issuance of cards prior to infrastructure changes.

Specification :

Material:White PVC ,Transparent PVC ,Paper,PET          

Size:Cr80 or Customized



Read Range:0-50CM

Surface Finished:Glossy ,Matte ,Frosted

Operating temperature: -25 to 120 degrees

Available Artwork:Barcode Printing 

                                 Number printing

                                 UID Printing

                                 Date Encoding

                                 UID collect


                                 Signature Panel

                                Hot Stamping   etc

Chip:Plus X 4K ,Plus S 4K

Memory :4K bytes

Available 13.56MHZ HF chip :

                                                     Classic 1K ,Fudan F08,Ultralight ,Ultralight C ,Ntag203 ,Ntag213 ,Ntag215,Ntag216 , 

                                                     Topaz512,Desfire 2k/ 4k /8k,Plus-x /s 2K/4K ,Icode Sli ,Icode Sli-X ,Icode Sli-S ,Ti 2048 ,

                                                     SRT512,FELICA-LITE-S,SLE 66R35,SLE 66R01etc


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RFID Card Package :

200pcs inner box ,box size:215x92x55CM

500pcs,will 2 boxes inner carton ,Cartons size:21*23*CM

1000pcs,will 5 boxes inner carton ,Cartons size:30.5x22.5x14CM

2000pcs ,will 10boxes inner carton,Cartons size:48x23x14CM

3000pcs,will 15boxes inner carton,Cartons size:48.5x23x20CM